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Monday, April 21, 2014


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Club des 5

17th April 2014, Le Club des 5 is finally complete again! Even though each of us are taking a different path, we decided to gather up once more. That day we all went to eat McDonald, there was also the holidays promotion. By taking a large meal, you get an apple pie [really hot] or Ice Cream [<3 p="">
When everyone has finally come, we went everywhere in Caudan taking pictures and at the same time making jokes. It has been 4 months we haven't seen each others and this gather turned up to be the best. I was able to laugh genuinely that day...It was also the day I felt the most alive. To sum it up, I was able to show the true me. But it is natural you only show your true self to only close people.

Instead of going to the cinema, we went to Kiddy Land to play several games, it was the place where we had the most fun. We laughed so much that people were looking at us in a strange way but it did not stop our craziness.

Ahh young days, once it's gone it wouldn't be the same anymore. One reason why we should treasure every second of our life with the people we like ^^

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Geek University

Today, my application for Geek University or GeekU has finally been accepted after waiting for almost 1 month. From now on, I will be specializing more on the removal of malware.  If one day I don't get a job on Engineering, then I'd be helping people in removing viruses from their computer and also improve the performance and durability of the their computer ^^

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fate is playing with me...

Today I went to do the Learner - Oral test, and I met that girl there again...after the tuition, our destiny keep crossing over and over again...

Mauritius is so small...

Wednesday, 19th February 2014, I went to Pang Chin together with mum to post my application form and my voucher to the University of Mauritius.I left the factory at around 8.30pm and went to the Post. However, the worker told me that I needed an enveloped in order to post it. I went to the other side of the road and entered the the building just in front of the Post. Just when I enter, a girl there said: "Bonjour!" with a smile. I also smiled back and replied her hello as well. After buying the A4 envelope, I went back to the Post and left my envelope containing my application form and the voucher.

I then went to my school by taking an Express bus at the bus stop of Pailles. When I reached school, I went to talk a little bit with the caretakers and then went to the Usher's room to ask Mr Gopaul if my living certificate was ready. Unfortunately I came to school too early, and I was told that it would be ready by next week. Afterwards, I saw Miss Caumul, my biology teacher, she is the 3rd person I've asked to write a recommendation letter for me. It was really kind of sad that one of these three teachers have forgotten to write one for me. When to her in the biology lab and discussed about the recommendation letter. She then suggested me to see Mr Haulkhory, my physics teacher as well because I am planning to go to the engineering field. It was really kind of him to accept and doing a recommendation letter for me.

After all these, I took a bus to the Victoria Bus Station, there I walked to McDonald, where I bought a spicy chicken meal. I took all my time to eat and appreciate my meal (That's what you can actually do the best when you're alone). When I was done with my hamburger and my chips, I was slowly drinking my coca - cola drink and I saw the girl I met in Pailles again! I was like oh...what kind of luck is that, is it supposed to be good or bad? We then talked and I came to know that she's was a student of Loretto Port Louis and that she's about the same age as I. She came together with a Chinese girl who I've greeted with a hi. I didn't talk much with that Chinese girl. After talking with that girl, I immediately headed home to revise for my Learner Oral Test.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My favorite quotes

Without evil there will never be kindness, without ugliness, you can't tell what is beautiful...

Not only happiness is part of life, we should also accept the sad part of it...

Rather understand instead of loving each other...

"One's must never give up in life..." Many anime characters

Where you fell, that's where you rise again!

Things can be seen differently depending on what angle you are viewing it...

After the wine comes the truth...

Think twice before you doing something you'll regret for the rest of your life...

As long as your beloved one support you, every bitter things will become sweet...

The one left behind goes through all the pain...

The one who smiles the most, cries the most..

All the feasts in this world have an end...

'The greatest threat might be born in the light and the greatest hope in the darkness...' Shiw

'Being strong doesn't mean that you have to be powerful in the exterior. It means that you are able to bear what others are doing to you without blaming or returning them anything. By understanding what pushes them to do such action and forgive them...' Shiw

'Has the silence actually revealed itself to be weak? Beware of it...'Shiw

"There is no winner but only losers in a war..." Fate/Zero

'There is only one truth...,' Shinishi Kudo

Try not to become a man of success but a man value...

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em." William Shakespeare

'What matters isn't how long but how well you're gonna live...' Shiw

Once a MUNNER, always a MUNNER!

As time passes, impossible is becoming more and more possible...

Arrogance is what makes you fall sooner or later...

"Distance is created by people who cannot accept differences..." Shiw

"A true friend is better than thousand of 'friends'," Shiw

School should be a fun place and not a prison for youngsters...

Power corrupts...

"There is no 'IF' in life..." Mum

"Forgetting is not an excuse but the crime," Ahteck

"The harder you work, the luckier you get. So work hard and get lucky," Naga

Pain is the proof of our existence!

Never play with people's trust...

'If you pray, do good things,' Shiw

When something is famous, it does not always mean it's the best!

"Fear is not evil. It tells you what your weakness is. Once you know that weakness, you can become stronger as well as kinder," Gildarts Clive

If you're not sure you can do something, you'd better not promise it...

Revenge is like an endless cycle...

"If I were to play in a weak team or a strong team, I'd choose the weak," Shiw

"When someone really cares about you, they make an effort and not an excuse,"

"You need to have capacity to help people or you'll end up being troubled," Shiw

"The only ones who should kill, are those who are prepared to be killed," Lelouch Vi Brittania

People who try to pull you down are already below you...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Qualities of a good manager

After working for a week in Cash and Carry, I've noticed that the manager there was lacking many qualities of a good manager. He made several mistakes and angered me! I was taking my 30 minutes break and he shouted at me for sitting there talking with others.

I lifted an LCD tv box from its handle, he told me that the box may break and that I should hold it with 2 hands. I was seriously full of rage! Other workers were do this and he said NOTHING! Just when I do it and he says something like that? Are the manufacturers stupid for putting these freaking holes for us? WTF...seriously!

1. A good manager must now how to lead his workers, they must be the one showing the direction and not telling the workers to go in all direction. He should be the one to show how things should be done.

2. A good manager must know the capacity of all the workers, so that he can place them in the right place so that work goes faster.

3. A good manager must praise if the work is done well and shout if work is not being done properly and NOT the contrary.

4. Boosting the moral of the workers is also one of the qualities of a good manager. One cannot expect to raise the moral of the workers when one's moral is low.

5. A good manager must not let feelings enter the work and have preference for some workers!

6. Listening to what the workers say is also essential, a good manager should be opened to any suggestions. Sometimes, the workers idea maybe even better.

7. A good manager must understand that workers are not robots! The workers should be told to do things in a pace they cannot or things that they simply cannot do! The manager should put himself in the place of the workers and think whether it is possible to do it or not.

These qualities are extremely important which I think that manager of Cash and Carry does not have. He should seriously take a tuition/a course! Hopefully this way, he will be able to understand me better =_="