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Friday, July 18, 2014

Dannie Wu, the girl from AIESEC

After the AIESEC event at Caudan, I tried to find a girl which joined our Ponponpon dance. I saw a chinese girl in the event page and added her. Her name is Dannie Wu. I've chatted with her a bit however it seemed that it wasn't her who joined the dance. Apparently she is living near Union park and is returning to China the 1st August.

A few days later after my driving exam, I've decided to go eat at Mc Donald. I've bought a filet o fish meal and sat near a guy. However, in my right, there were Chinese tourists there. I was about to start to eat then I heard a girl saying: 'Um...hello...excuse me....hello!' I turned my head to the right to see if she was calling me. She asked if I was the guy who was chatting with her last time and at my surprise it was her. I've just befriended her a few days ago on Facebook and now I've met her face to face. Life is sure filled with a lot of unexpected things. The more I live the more I find my life stranger than common people seriously weird...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Global Village/ AIESEC 2014

Today was one of the best days of my life. I don't regret all the people I've met so far. There are those who I've met in Manga Crew, those from League of Legends Mauritius, the biology tuition group and also the MUN group.

This fun I had is to be remember so I decided to put this into my blog. Who knows maybe one day one of you guys may fall into this blog.

For the Ponponpon flashmob, it was extremely fun to be with you guys. Words are simply not enough to describe how happy I was to spend some of my time with you people. There's also a sentence I will never ever forget from Judy: "Shiw qui faire to raide koume sa?" All of the people there sure laughed pretty hard there.

There's also the time where I've went to eat with you Jeremy and Judy in Noodles. This was also quite enjoyable and I am real glad to have tried a new restaurant I've never been to. Then after the Ponponpon practice that day, we then went to eat hotdog at Robert if I remember well. It has been ages since I've eaten hotdog and the hotdog there did not fail to please me. Thank you for bringing us there Freddie.

League of Legends group, before I was just playing Maplestory a 2D game online. However, when I started playing LoL, it was sure lonely to play alone but addictive in the end. Playing with you guys allowed me to improve my skills and let's not forget about the fun we had in the game.

Biology tuition group, there are those who I've met since the first day of biology tuition with whom I've fought with. My mind is now finally at peace to have reconciled with you. Just like the Chinese in ancient times, we've drank some wine/alcohol before we part.

This is the video at the day of the event, enjoy guys ^_^

This is the doing crazy at bagatelle >>" xD

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Unlucky Lucky Day

Just remembered in lower six, I forgot to bring my essay copybook a Saturday for the General Paper tuition. On a Tuesday, I went to my tuition teacher's place to give him the copybook. On my way to the bus stop, there were 3 blacks.

One of them said: 'He is from the same school as these people.'
Another one followed with: 'Chin chang chong!'

I ignored them and continued to walk...I felt a wind approaching behind me and I moved my neck a bit and a bottle went pass me.

I immediately turned, it was 3 vs 1 that day. I kept my calm looked closely at them. The tallest black guy threw a ripe mango on me, I rapidly dodged it. Another one chained up, he approached me throwing an unknown weird colored solution from his bottle, I jumped back to avoid it and he quickly stepped back as if he was scared. After throwing all the solution, I saw a UBS bus coming. I raised my hand calmly to signal that bus to stop and also dodged another ripe mango. Hopefully the bus stopped. When I tried to enter that bus, I saw the empty bottle coming to me, lowered my head and it was another miss. Inside the bus, I'm like wew...that was some danger...

If a mango was to hit me that day, I wouldn't be able to go to the biology tuition that day. I was unlucky to meet these people but lucky not to get hit even one by the mango or the solution.

The next day when I went to school, I learned that these 3 blacks was trying to flame a war with the students from my school. I'm just glad that I was able to reach my tuition in one piece and also CLEAN that day. Sometimes, I am really lucky in unlucky situations! But oh well that's what is meant to be Shiw I guess ^^'

Monday, April 21, 2014

Club des 5

17th April 2014, Le Club des 5 is finally complete again! Even though each of us are taking a different path, we decided to gather up once more. That day we all went to eat McDonald, there was also the holidays promotion. By taking a large meal, you get an apple pie [really hot] or Ice Cream [<3 p="">
When everyone has finally come, we went everywhere in Caudan taking pictures and at the same time making jokes. It has been 4 months we haven't seen each others and this gather turned up to be the best. I was able to laugh genuinely that day...It was also the day I felt the most alive. To sum it up, I was able to show the true me. But it is natural you only show your true self to only close people.

Instead of going to the cinema, we went to Kiddy Land to play several games, it was the place where we had the most fun. We laughed so much that people were looking at us in a strange way but it did not stop our craziness.

Ahh young days, once it's gone it wouldn't be the same anymore. One reason why we should treasure every second of our life with the people we like ^^

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Geek University

Today, my application for Geek University or GeekU has finally been accepted after waiting for almost 1 month. From now on, I will be specializing more on the removal of malware.  If one day I don't get a job on Engineering, then I'd be helping people in removing viruses from their computer and also improve the performance and durability of the their computer ^^

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fate is playing with me...

Today I went to do the Learner - Oral test, and I met that girl there again...after the tuition, our destiny keep crossing over and over again...