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Friday, July 18, 2014

Dannie Wu, the girl from AIESEC

After the AIESEC event at Caudan, I tried to find a girl which joined our Ponponpon dance. I saw a chinese girl in the event page and added her. Her name is Dannie Wu. I've chatted with her a bit however it seemed that it wasn't her who joined the dance. Apparently she is living near Union park and is returning to China the 1st August.

A few days later after my driving exam, I've decided to go eat at Mc Donald. I've bought a filet o fish meal and sat near a guy. However, in my right, there were Chinese tourists there. I was about to start to eat then I heard a girl saying: 'Um...hello...excuse me....hello!' I turned my head to the right to see if she was calling me. She asked if I was the guy who was chatting with her last time and at my surprise it was her. I've just befriended her a few days ago on Facebook and now I've met her face to face. Life is sure filled with a lot of unexpected things. The more I live the more I find my life stranger than common people seriously weird...

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